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Session Tracks

To help you get the most out of Edge World, we’ve divided breakout sessions into three tracks: Edge, Security, and DevOps. Choose the track that aligns best with your business goals — or sign up for individual sessions across any track. Either way, you’ll head home with actionable insights from the Akamai experts and customers leading the sessions.

Edge Track

The Edge — what does it really mean to you? Learn how our intelligent edge platform helps you deliver fast, smart, and secure digital experiences to your users and customers.

Featured Edge Track Sessions

Akamai Web Performance Roadmap

Learn about the latest new products and enhancements coming to Akamai’s web performance solutions in 2019.

Data S(h)aver Strategies

Website owners can serve a lightweight version when the data-saver request header is present — learn about this and much more.

Pirates in the Cloud: Protecting Streams and VOD Assets

Dive into the nuances of alternate ways to address stream and VOD piracy, including protecting your files, and dealing with armies of bots.

Security Track

Today’s cyberthreats can come from anywhere. Learn how the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform protects your apps, APIs, and premium content, stops credential abuse, and helps you move to a Zero Trust security model.

Featured Security Track Sessions

Moving Beyond the Perimeter

The network perimeter no longer exists — this is proven by the massive amount of data breaches. And trust is being abused inside of the perimeter. Learn how to move beyond perimeter security and into a better future.

Designing for Doomsday: Effective API Security Approaches From the Edge

We will review real-world examples of how application and API design patterns expose businesses to risks. Learn how to detect, defend, and stop the ticking clock, so you can relax and get back to business.

Web Security Roadmap

Come listen as noted industry expert Josh Shaul takes you through the latest capabilities in our web security portfolio, and you’ll also get a sneak peek into the future of web security.

DevOps Track

Learn how Akamai’s DevOps tools and technology power automation and enable development so you can get to market faster, scale higher, and provide better and more secure user experiences.

Featured DevOps Track Sessions

Chimps to the Edge — Establishing Best Akamai Practices at Mailchimp

Mailchimp has used Akamai for many years to get the most out of their web application. Learn how Mailchimp has started using Akamai with Kubernetes, CI/CD, and cloud services to effectively serve traffic to their customers at scale.

Automating the Management of Your Akamai Properties With Open Source

Learn how you can leverage new Akamai CLI packages and open source tools to fully automate the management of Akamai properties.

Protecting Your APIs With API Gateway and Kona Site Defender

Your APIs are a fantastic way to improve innovation, but they're vulnerable. Learn about the various attack vectors, and how API Gateway combined with Kona Site Defender can protect your APIs.

Breakout Session Types

Ready to engage with the most knowledgeable, experienced, and fascinating innovators in the worldwide Akamai network? In these 40-minute sessions, you’ll be given the time and opportunity to discuss relevant topics with Akamai leadership and peers in a variety of interactive formats.

Breakout Session Type:

Akamai Lead Deep Dive

Ready to go deep? We are. Our security, performance, and delivery technologies are constantly evolving. Our product deep dive sessions will teach you about the latest advances and use cases that enable you to hone your competitive edge and get the most from your investments.

Breakout Session Type:

Customer Case Study

First hand knowledge is a powerful tool. In these sessions, you will benefit from hearing how your peers captured opportunities, deployed cutting-edge solutions, and reaped the business benefits. Gain insights you can use to solve real-world issues you face today.

Breakout Session Type:


Wondering how others are leveraging the Edge to their advantage? Panels will feature your peers and industry/technology leaders sharing ideas and innovative thinking you can use to power your business objectives and stay ahead in today's hyper competitive environment.

Breakout Session Type:

Fireside Chat

Featuring a moderator and one or more guests, these sessions will help you gain insight based on real experiences and lessons learned. You’ll get candid answers in these sessions, complete with open audience Q&A.